What is the Smart Cities Challenge?

The city of Airdrie is a finalist in the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge for our quest to become Canada’s healthiest city. We have a one in five chance at winning $10 million.

The Smart Cities Challenge is a pan-Canadian competition that encourages communities to solve their economic, environmental and social challenges by leveraging data and connected technology to improve the lives of their residents. Airdrie has proposed the development of a technology that will deliver real-world benefits to our citizens and have a meaningful and sustained impact on their health.

The Smart Cities Challenges isn’t the only thing we are doing to impact our citizen’s health.

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What factors impact overall health?

There is more to health than diet, exercise and access to medical treatment. The primary factors that shape our health are the living conditions we experience known as the social determinants of health. According to the Canadian Medical Association, the social determinants of health can have a larger impact on individual and population health than the health care system. These include how income and wealth is distributed, our employment and working conditions, access to social services and transportation and our ability to obtain quality education, food, and housing.

How do these eight factors shape our health?

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Join the wellness challenge!

We want to help kick-start your wellness journey. We will be posting challenges focused on improving your health and wellness as it relates to the eight factors of health and asking you to anonymously share the results of your challenges. This will help us to better understand how the eight factors of health are currently influencing the lives of Airdrie residents and determine how HealthSmart Airdrie can help.

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Your opinion matters

We are asking for your feedback over the next few months through surveys and at events to determine what will help Airdrie residents the most when it comes to the eight factors of health. Your feedback and participation on our social media channels will help us shape our proposal for the Smart Cities Challenge and will help us win!

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