What is the Smart Cities Challenge?

The Smart Cities Challenge encourages communities to adopt an approach to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology. One of the key requirements of the Federal Challenge is that the technology can be replicated in other communities. This means the Airdrie community has the chance to be seen as leaders in our Country and create something that is implemented across Canada.

Our initial application

We will become Canada’s Healthiest Community. We will increase healthy life expectancy by 3+ years over 5 years. Watch the video or learn more below.

What you measure is what you get! If we do not measure, we will not progress and achieve health gains in the community

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The City of Airdrie joined with others in the community through the Health Cooperative, to sponsor a community engagement effort focused on health and health care.

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Community residents and partners have been engaged and indicated they are supportive of an “all-in” community approach to health and health care.

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Moving the community to become more connected, networked and data driven is the cornerstone of a healthy community.

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A shared vision and mission have been developed for the community – one that the community is buying into.

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Our smart community project is the heart of a larger integrated community health improvement initiative. Readiness and ability to implement is tied directly to that larger initiative.

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The $250,000 will be used to prepare to implement our successful Smart Community Project.

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We will become Canada’s Healthiest Community. We will increase healthy life expectancy is increased by 3+ years over 5 years.

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The vision for our community

Our community has an opportunity to come up with an innovative technology that will add three or more years to the average life expectancy of Airdrie residents over the next five years.


As a finalist, Airdrie has received support from the Federal Government to develop our Smart Cities proposal. The proposal for the challenge is due on March 5 with the winners announced in the Spring of 2019.

Who is part of the challenge?

A big part of the Smart Cities Challenge is bringing together many organizations and big picture thinkers to carry out our vision. The two main partners are the City of Airdrie and the Airdrie & Area Health Cooperative. And none of this will be possible without you. The community getting behind this initiative is what will win us the $10 Million prize and bring increased life expectancy to Airdrie.

Why Health?

Health is a hot topic in Airdrie. Research shows us that focusing on preventative health has a much stronger impact in keeping Canadians healthy than access to medical care alone. The Smart Cities Challenge and focus on preventative health will help us to achieve our goals of making Airdrie Canada’s healthiest community.

You can be part of the Challenge.

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Connected Projects

The technology coming out of the Smart Cities Challenge is only one way to achieve an increased healthy life expectancy. We are also working on several integrated and aligned projects as part of our community health improvement initiative for Airdrie and the surrounding area.

Blue Zones

Blue Zones Projects is focused on changing community environments and improving well-being through policy, programs, social networks and the built environment, so individuals can make healthy choices. Project discover started in May 2018 and planning for implementation is underway. If successful, Airdrie will be the first Blue Zones Community in Canada.

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Health Park

The Health Park would be a comprehensive location for health and health care services—and a prototype for a Blue Zones community-where co-located services enhance access and team-based and integrated service delivery and an intergenerational environment supports community engagement and well-being... Smart technologies will be built into all aspects starting at the design stage. We await government approval for new resources for older adults care (per request for proposal submitted June 2018); with approval planning with the City and community will take place.

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Needs-Based Networks

Networks are considered a group of people (and those that support them) who have similar health and health care needs. Each network looks at the impact of the determinants of health and how best to improve them. An example is the Healthy Aging Network for seniors.

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Health Cooperative

The Health Cooperative (incorporated in November 2016) facilitates the community working together to achieve goals that everyone can benefit from. Membership in the Coop is free and voluntary and is open all individuals, families and organizations in the community.

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Our Partners

HealthSmart Airdrie is possible with of the support of community residents, municipalities (City of Airdrie & Areas - 5), health & health care providers, community not-for-profits, faith-based communities, local businesses & employers, grocers and restaurants, school systems, the Provincial Government and you.