Challenge #3 – Create a Monthly Budget

How we manage our money and resources is one of the social determinants of health. Making a budget can help you balance your income with your regular expenses and help you reach your financial goals.

Create a monthly budget and stick to it. Find tips and information from the Government of Canada and tell us your tips on what you will do to stick to your budget.

Share your ideas on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the #healthsmartairdrie or using the link below to be entered to win a health and wellness gift basket.

Tips for budgeting

Past Challenge

Challenge #2 - Mental Wellness
The holiday season tends to be a busy time for most people with additional commitments such as parties, visiting relatives, last minute shopping, etc. The Canadian Mental Health Association has 8 Tips for Mental Wellness Over the Holidays. What will you do to reduce stress and take a break over the holidays?

Results from the challenge are in the image above.



Past Challenge

Challenge #1 - Get to Know Airdrie
Go to a park, pathway, community facility (e.g., museum) or local store you have never been to before, tell us what your favorite place is to go in Airdrie, or ask someone you don't know, what their favorite place is in Airdrie.

Results from the challenge are in the image above.